• Angelon Color Sorter in Saudi Arabia

    Two more Angelon color sorters have been installed in Saudi Arabia . Recently, the engineers completed the installation and commissioning and officially entered the production stage. The fol

    2017/08/17 Liu Ying 38

  • 2017 ZiBo ShanDong Non-Mineral Conference ended successfully

        The three-day 2017 non-metallic mining industry conference ended successfully on August 5-7.    Welcome everyone to come to the Division for field visits and exchanges.  &

    2017/08/08 Liu Ying 40

  • The 2017 Linyi Shandong Peanut and Sunflower Elite Summit ended successfully

        On July 18-20, 2017, the 5th Peanut Sunflower Elite Summit was held in Linyi, Shandong Province. Hefei Angelon Electronics Co., Ltd. was invited to participate in the summit.   

    2017/07/27 Liu Ying 41

  • In the

        Recently, there have been more than 40 consecutive high-temperature sauna days in the country, and entered the “grill mode”. Because of the high temperatures, many companies retain emplo

    2017/06/29 Liu Ying 65

  • Thumbs up! Angelon successfully entered the Japanese market!

        Not afraid of high thresholds,    Just technically fine.    A few days ago,    Two Angelon plastic color sorters were successfully put into production

    2017/06/27 Admin 62

  • Green Plastic Innovation, Smart Future - Angelon played an international role

        From May 16th to 19th, the 31st China International Plastics and Rubber Industry Exhibition with the theme of “Green Plastic Innovation and Smart Future” was held at the Guangzhou Pazhou

    2017/05/06 Admin 59

  • Angelon 2017 New year Party

        Today, we gather together, celebrate yesterday's brilliant;    Today, we laugh together, a total of good future    Angelon 2017 Spring Festival party is successfu

    2017/03/09 Admin 58

  • Angelon participate in Plastivision India 2017

        Angelon participate in 2017 India Mumbai International Plastics Exhibition & Conference(Plastivision India 2017)on 19 January,2017 (India local time) .On the first day of the show,mo

    2017/01/20 Admin 56