• The customer was shocked! 18 colors are separated one by one!

        On November 14th, the new customer office in Malaysia, Angelon plastic color sorter completed the installation and commissioning.    A pile of colorful plastic particles are se

    2017/11/16 Liu Ying 69

  • Easy knowing, hard working

    Closed doors can't make a good car,After all, the talk on the paper is a fake trick.    To better serve our customers,    Angelon technicians walked into the customer productio

    2017/11/14 Liu Ying 101

  • Deeply study the spirit of the 19th CPC National Congress :Innovation and Development

        In October 30, 2017, the branch committee of the CPC Angelon Electronics Co., Ltd. Convened a meeting on “In-depth study of the spirit of the 19th CPC National&n

    2017/11/01 Liu Ying 101

  • Angelon in Dubai

    Angelon plasatic colour sorting machine entered into Dubai market.Engineer finished installation. Angelon colour sorting machine have entered into Main country in Mid East.

    2017/10/25 Liu Ying 111

  • Angelon in Iran

        Between August 23-26, 2017, ANGELON attend Iran International Plastics and Rubber Industry Exhibition(Iran Plast2017), stand H41-52. Welcome new and old clients visiting.    An

    2017/09/29 Admin 112

  • Angelon in Europe

        Angelon engineer finished installation.     Customer evaluation: Very Good! It's so concise and comprehensive.    This customer one-time purchase of four ang

    2017/09/27 Liu Ying 149

  • Angelon attend China Non-Metal Mining Industry Technology Seminar and Trade Fair

        In September 19th-21rst, 2017, China Non-Metal Mining Industry Technology Seminar and Trade Fair are held in Hezhou, Guangxi      The color sorting machine is a new t

    2017/09/25 Liu Ying 80

  • Angelon in Korea

        Angelon color sorter has excellent sorting performance and high quality after-sales service.    Sorting machine in factory.    The effect  of Angelon color sorte

    2017/08/24 Admin 52