• Top five chillies in the world

        The Scoville scale measures the pungency of chili peppers. An exact weight of dried pepper is dissolved in water to extract the heat components (capsaicinoids). Decreasing concentrations

    2017/12/24 Admin

  • Color sorter protects every drop of healthy edible oil

        Peanut oil is one kind of edible oil obtained by physical pressing using peanuts as a raw material. Benefits of peanuts oil    Peanut oil is in rich of various trace elements s

    2017/11/30 Admin

  • Dry Chili OR Fresh Chili

        Fresh chili pepper is nutritious!    Dry chili is suitable for stir-fry!    The choice of fresh chili or chili is always uncertain.    We will compare the d

    2017/10/26 Admin

  • The importance of color sorter to non-ferrous mining industry

    The mineral color sorting machine utilize the optical principle to detects the color differences and rejects the defects. 1.Improve the mineral products quality, increase the added value and then

    2017/10/18 Admin

  • The application of color sorters in waste plastic sorting

        The color sorter is a major innovation for the plastics industry and solves its color sorting problem. After the plastic is crushed and cleaned, various colors are mixed together, which

    2017/09/13 Admin

  • Say No to Aflatoxin, Say Yes to Food safety

    Knowledge about Aflatoxin" The Hazard of aflatoxin"80% of liver cancer is affected by aflatoxin, 1 mg can cause cancer!The expert pointed out that aflatoxin is 10 times more toxic than potas

    2017/09/07 Admin

  • The application of color sorter in walnuts sorting

    The diet value of walnut    1 reduce the risk of depression    Walnuts are rich in omega-3 fatty acids, reducing the risk of depression, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (A

    2017/08/29 Admin

  • The usage of the tailing of quartz sands

    What is quartz sand tailings?    Quartz tailings include waste slag in ore mining, tailings and tailings during processing, of which tailings account for the vast majority.Quartz sand tailin

    2017/08/25 Admin

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