The usage of the tailing of quartz sands

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What is quartz sand tailings?

    Quartz tailings include waste slag in ore mining, tailings and tailings during processing, of which tailings account for the vast majority.

Quartz sand tailings usage

1. Construction materials

    From the chemical composition of quartz tailings, it can be widely used in the production of construction materials, and can also meet the requirements of the content of various components.

    (1) Cement

    The chemical composition of quartz tailings meets the requirements of cementing ingredients, and its alkali content is low, which can be used as a substitute for siliceous materials. In terms of physical properties, although the quartz tailings are poor in wearability, their fineness is close to that of raw materials. The fineness of the material, after proper grinding, can fully meet the fineness requirements.

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    (2) Sintered bricks and new wall materials

    Using shale resources, 40%-50% quartz sand tailings and waste mud can be used to produce high-grade modular thermal insulation wall materials. The use of quartz tail sand to develop sand aerated insulation, sound insulation and insulation materials to provide materials for building energy conservation work.

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   (3) Glazed tiles and ceramic glazed materials

    The magnetite quartzite is selected from the waste quartz iron sand, the quartz content is 58%-62%, and about 15% of the magnet quartzite selected waste residue is introduced into the ceramic billet to improve the physical and mechanical properties of the ceramic body and the glaze layer, and can be effectively used. For the production of thick black glazed wall ceramics.

     (4) Glass ceramics

    Glass-ceramic, also known as glass-ceramic, combines the advantages of glass and ceramics, and has excellent properties such as high mechanical strength, low electrical conductivity, good processability, and chemical resistance.

    The slag glass-ceramic plate is made of natural mineral raw materials such as silica sand, calcite, feldspar and slag, and is added with chemical raw materials such as nucleating agent and coloring agent. After melting, forming, cutting and polishing, it forms a high-grade decorative or industrial sheet.

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   According to chemical composition analysis, quartz tailings are an ideal raw material for the manufacture of glass-ceramics.

2, inorganic filler

    The research shows that the quartz tailings are surface modified by titanate coupling agent. The modified quartz tailings have a maximum temperature of 211 ° C and a maximum water resistance of 3.5 m, which has excellent waterproof performance. It can be used as a filler for plastics such as polyethylene. Under the premise of ensuring the processability and physical and mechanical properties of the product, the filling amount can be appropriately increased, and the cost can be reduced.

    The powder quartz tailings with SiO2 content of 98.0%-99.0% can be used to produce ideal electrical special fillers after grinding, impurity removal and epoxy resin treatment.

    The purity of the powder quartz tail sand after ultra-fine is similar to that of the silicon powder product, and the whiteness is improved by almost 12%.


3. Fused quartz

Fused silica is widely used in the manufacture of refractory products such as glass, glass tubes, quartz ceramics and fused silica crucibles, so it has a broad market and good economic benefits.

4. Other usage

    Quartz tailings can also be used as raw materials for the production of silicon micropowder, artificial marble, colored quartz sand, foaming alkali, white carbon black and other products.

    Quartz tailings tailings is a kind of mineral resource with a wide range of usage. As long as it is rationally developed and scientifically utilized, it can eliminate pollution and turn waste into treasure, broaden the scope of application of minerals and increase the added value of minerals.


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