Say No to Aflatoxin, Say Yes to Food safety

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Knowledge about Aflatoxin

    " The Hazard of aflatoxin"

    80% of liver cancer is affected by aflatoxin, 1 mg can cause cancer!

   The expert pointed out that aflatoxin is 10 times more toxic than potassium cyanide and is a serious carcinogen, 68 times more toxic than arsenic. Aflatoxins are listed as Class 1 carcinogens by the World Health Organization and are highly destructive to liver tissue. One milligram of aflatoxin can cause cancer.

    Aflatoxins are commonly found in corn, peanuts and other crops. 

    According to a recent study published by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 80% of liver cancer cases are affected by aflatoxins. They used DNA sequencing of stem cells to see if they were affected by aflatoxins. This helps identify the risk of developing liver cancer and predicts it in advance of the first few years of tumor formation.

    The researchers found that exposure to aflatoxin caused genetic mutations that triggered liver cancer.

How to avoid mildew and ensures food safety

    "Aflatoxin is a deadly poison. It is hiding in moldy foods, such as moldy peanuts, beans, etc."

    Mildewed peanuts and beans shows in brown or even black color. For example, after peanuts are mildewed, the skin will have a black or yellow-brown bacterial spore hyphae, which has a mildew odor. This situation is the most recognizable. However, slightly mildewed peanuts are more difficult to identify. Such peanuts are brown or yellow in color, and the fruit is partially yellow or entire yellow.

    For these subtile differences that are difficult to identify, ngelon color sorter can quickly detects it. Angelon color sorting machine can identify subtile color differences through cameras, intelligent sorting, rejects mold and bad materials, and finally ensure food safety.

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