The importance of color sorter to non-ferrous mining industry

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   The mineral color sorting machine utilize the optical principle to detects the color differences and rejects the defects. 



   1.Improve the mineral products quality, increase the added value and then prove the revenue.

    It is difficult to sell to higher price after cultivating at the mining sites due to the poor quality. The high quality mineral raw material will sell much higher price than the poor quality, and the demands for high quality exceeds the supply.

    2.Reduce the cost by high production efficiency

    The mineral is generally crushed before being sorted. The ore is small in size, manually sorted in low efficiency and high in cost. Sorting by color sorting machine, some of them can be sorted directly on the machine after crushing, and some can be sorted after pickling. Basically, one-time sorting will meet customer requirements.

    3.Improve tailings utilization and reduce waste

    The color sorting machine has higher sorting precision, reduces the output of useful mineral in the tailings, improves the utilization of tailings, and avoids waste of resources. And the mineral can be graded according to customer requirements.

    4.Improve the purity of mineral and facilitate the fine processing of non-ferrous minerals.

    At present, China's non-ferrous mines resource ranks in the first class, however the quality falls on the lower grade. The government encourages the promotion and shifts from primary processing to refined processing. The grade requirements of the mineral are greatly improved, and the mineral color sorter is a new type of mineral processing technology, which will select high-quality mineral that meets the requirements. 

    5. Color sorter sorting, no chemical additives, makes the world green.

    The color sorter is only sorted by color and does not have other effects on the mineral itself.

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    Angelon mineral color sorting machine

    Belt type structure, higher sorting accuracy, lower carryover rate and performs well in dry & wet sorting.