Angelon in Europe

2017-09-27 16:25:53 Liu Ying 189

    Angelon engineer finished installation. 


    Customer evaluation: Very Good! It's so concise and comprehensive.

    This customer one-time purchase of four angelon color sorters, the other three color sorters are in Tunisia two, the United Kingdom one, has been put into use, the effect is very good, the customer is very satisfied.

    Angelon colour sorting machine in Tunisia.

Angelon|Sorter|Sorting Machine

    Angelon colour sorting machine in Britain. 

Angelon|Sorter|Sorting Machine

    Not only that, the customer also introduced his friends to buy two sets of Angelon color sorters.

    In 2001, Hefei Angelon Intelligent Control Research Institute was established. Since then, Angelon has been developing color sorting machines in the past 17 years.

    Now Angelon focus on the belt-type color sorter, which has higher sorting precision, lower carryover and lower breakage rate. receiving recognition from thousands of domestic and foreign customers.

    Concentration, professional, high quality!