Why are non-metallic ore so hot?

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    If you don’t know why the 2017 non-metallic mines will fire, these top ten dynamics tell you


    Dynamic 1: The government attaches great importance to the industrial development of non-metallic minerals and mineral materials, and has introduced a number of industrial development plans.

    The National 13th Five-Year Plan included mineral materials for the first time. The Building Materials Industry Development Plan (2016-2020) emphasized the vigorous development of advanced inorganic non-metallic materials and mineral functional materials. The non-metallic mineral industry 13th Five-Year Development Plan pointed out that the increase Performance, functionalization and serialization of non-metallic mineral functional material product development. It can be seen that the development of China's non-metallic mineral industry is developing from non-metallic mineral mining and deep processing to non-metallic mineral materials. The non-metallic mineral industry is also welcoming its historic leap-forward transformation and upgrading stage. .


    Dynamic 2: Domestic non-metallic mineral industry clusters have begun to take shape

    Many local governments in China rely on local advantages in large non-metallic mineral resources. The government has effectively promoted industrial development as a starting point, and some non-metallic mineral industry clusters have been built, and some industrial clusters have begun to take shape.

    The calcium carbonate industry clusters include Hezhou in Guangxi, Nanzhao in Henan, Changxing in Zhejiang, Yongfeng in Jiangxi, Jingfeng in Hebei, and Chizhou in Anhui. Among them, the total output value of calcium carbonate industry in Hezhou City of Guangxi reached 15 billion yuan in 2016, achieving leap-forward development.

    Graphite industry clusters include Jixi City in Heilongjiang, Luobei County in Heilongjiang, Alashan League in Inner Mongolia, Baotou City in Inner Mongolia, and Panzhihua in Sichuan. Among them, China National Building Material Group cooperated with Panzhihua in Sichuan to invest more than 4 billion yuan to develop graphite resources in Panzhihua City.

    The quartz industry clusters include Lianyungang City, Jiangsu Province, Xinyi City, Anhui Province, Fengyang City, Anhui Province, etc., and other places, such as quartz stone raw materials, high-purity quartz sand, spherical quartz sand and other high-end products, have gradually grown.

    The diatomite industry is mainly concentrated in Baishan City, Jilin Province, and related industries in Zhejiang, Zhejiang, Yunnan and Inner Mongolia are also developing rapidly.

    Mica industry clusters are concentrated in Pingjiang, Hunan, Hebei Lingshou, Anhui Yinzhou and other places, of which Hunan Pingjiang mica industry is developing rapidly.

    Magnesite is mainly concentrated in Liaoning Province, while talc is concentrated in Liaoning, Shandong and other places; in recent years, Jiangsu Province has vigorously developed the attapulgite industry chain, while Hunan Xiangtan has vigorously developed the sepiolite industry chain, which has achieved good results.


    Dynamic 3: A large number of new non-metallic mineral materials will be available, which will greatly improve the quality of life of ordinary people.

    In 2016, some mineral materials independently researched and developed in China were successively launched, such as graphene materials (graphene batteries, graphene heating wallpapers, etc.), diatomaceous earth materials (diatom mud, diatoms that can easily remove pesticide residues from vegetables). Powder, washing hood cleaning spirit, diatom toothpaste removing tooth stains, environmentally friendly cup holders, etc.), new stone wood flooring with calcium carbonate as the main component, etc., will improve the quality of daily life of ordinary people. To a positive role.


    Dynamic 4: Graphene graphene is hot, industry investment and technology enthusiasm, opportunities and risks coexist.


    Dynamic five: industry alliances, learning organizations have been established, will play a great leading role

Different from industry associations, the alliance mainly carries out the key problems of upstream and downstream industries, while the society is mainly devoted to scientific and technical issues. Alliances, societies and associations will form a complete industry service system.


    Dynamic Six: The merger of the two materials, the non-metallic mining industry aircraft carrier has taken shape?

    In 2016, China National Building Materials and Sinoma Materials were combined into one, forming an intensive advantage in inorganic non-metallic materials. Previously, the main involved in the non-metallic mining industry was Sinoma Group. After the merger of the two materials, the planning of non-metallic minerals and mineral materials is still unknown.

    We look forward to the birth of the non-metallic mining industry aircraft carrier and actively go out to participate in global competition.


    Dynamic 7: Vertical grinding and color sorting machine is the new favorite of non-metallic mining industry in the year; nano-scale grinding is moving towards industrialization

    With the continuous improvement of the production capacity of single production line and the grinding energy consumption per unit of products in the industry, in recent years, domestic non-metallic mineral large enterprises have increasingly used vertical grinding as coarse grinding equipment.

    Originally used as a color sorting machine for food and other sorting, it has been rapidly applied in the non-metallic mineral industry, especially in the fields of calcium carbonate, quartz, and potassium feldspar. With the strict requirements of China's environmental protection and the improvement of equipment level, the color sorting machine is the standard of many mining enterprises. It has high sorting precision, high efficiency, high output, and can make maximum use of tailings to meet environmental protection requirements.

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    Dynamic 8: Environmental protection non-metallic mineral industry and love each other

    The announcement of the environmental protection tax law has made all domestic production enterprises treat the same in environmental protection. In the non-metallic mineral industry, acid-based alkali enterprises, flotation enterprises and enterprises with large tailings emissions will bear more environmental protection costs.

    At the same time, many of the non-metallic mineral products are specially used for environmental protection, such as bentonite, diatomaceous earth, attapulgite, sepiolite, zeolite, etc., in the adsorption and removal of COD, filter to remove sol particles, remove heavy metals, etc. There will be more space. New materials such as diatomaceous earth masks and diatomaceous earth air filter cartridges recently developed are good news for people under the smog.

    Dynamic nine: technical demand is very strong, need to increase research and development efforts

    According to China Powder Technology Network, quartz, potassium feldspar, calcium carbonate, fluorite, diatomaceous earth, graphite, talc, kaolin and other minerals have more technical requirements, mainly distributed in beneficiation and purification technology, surface modification technology and application. In terms of technology, some customers have technical requirements for equipment selection and design processes.

    On the one hand, it shows that enterprises gradually pay attention to the importance of technology in the whole process of enterprises, on the other hand, it shows that the scale of investment and production scale are gradually intensifying. This is one of the characteristic dynamics that are significantly different from the previous two decades.

    Dynamic Ten: A comprehensive review of the non-metallic mineral industry: the transition to mineral materials, the ugly duckling will become a white swan

    The typical characteristics of China's non-metallic mineral industry development are in the direction of agglomeration area and materialization.

    The advent of a large number of mineral materials will not only improve the quality and level of life of the people, but also greatly enhance the image and benefits of the non-metallic mineral industry.

    Angelon color sorting machine will be devoted to the rapid development of China's non-metallic mineral industry. We will work with you to exchange and cooperate and actively explore to make the separation of non-metallic minerals to a higher level.