The pepper is going red

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    It is another year for picking season of pepper.

    Full of red fruits,

    It is really likable.

    If it is get the top grade pepper.

    Not that easy.

    Prickly ash tree has thorns,

    Not that easy to pick.

    The Picked peppercorns, leaves, stems, branches, etc.

    Difficult to filter.

    Pepper is edible and medicinal.

    The main nutrients are in its peel,

    Fresh peppers are usually dried and dried to their impurities, stems and seeds.

    Take the skin.

    Pick clean, the bright one will be as good.

    The pepper is small and the amount is large.

    To get a good product,

    It’s hard to pick by hand.

    This has also been plagued by pepper farmers.

    Angelon pepper color sorting machine,

    Solve the problem of pepper sorting through smart technology,

    Reduce the cost of pepper production and increase production efficiency.

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     Sorting effect of pepper: