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  •    On purchasing a proper color sorter, many customers have queries on categories of color sorters, the differences between chute and belt type color sorting machines, and what particular sorters being best applicable to the customer’s material. This part will address the working principle and advantages of advanced belt-type color sorters. In terms of machinery structure, color sorters can be categorized into two varieties: belt-type and chute-type color sorters. Angelon launched the first double-layer belt-type color sorter worldwide in 2011. It has been gaining popularity since it was launched in the market because of its extraordinary performance.

Product Details

   After being feeding into the hopper, material will be transported horizontally from one side to another. In the process, color data will be collected by high-speed cameras on exist side where foreign substances will be taken off , and accepted material will going out for packaging. This entire process is how belt-type sorters work in color sorting. Angelon has both single-layer and double-layer belt color sorters.


   Currently, many customers are willing to buy belt-type color sorters which have great performance than that of traditional chute-type sorters.  
A. Belt-type color sorting machines greatly reduce broken ratio on material. The product stays relatively static during the transport process as it moves horizontally on the belt. In the contrast, material is sliding on the chute because of gravity, and it causes collision and friction, and larger movements of up and down, thus worsening the broken ratio of the material.
B. Belt-type color sorters has a wide application range. One chute color sorter is usually applicable to certain products as the chute is designed for this kind of material based on sizes and shapes of the material at the time of mechanical design. As a result, a chute color sorter can only work on certain products. It does not have multiple applications because of material-oriented chute design, and this problem does harm to sorting accuracy of other products. The appearance of belt sorters solved this problem with capability of wide applications.  
C. Higher sorting accuracy. The belt structure makes the transmission smooth and stable without jumping of material. Belt sorting machines are designed friendly for color recognition, thus ensuring a higher sorting accuracy and lower carryover ratio.
   Equipped with PC operation, Angelon color sorters are user friendly. It has advantages of both high processing capacity and sorting accuracy. What’s more, it keeps a minimum broken ratio on materials, for instance, tea leaves sorting. Angelon supplies customized sorting solution as per your request.